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At Braves Technologies, we fully understand the critical time element of an urgent need; and work tirelessly to ensure the demands of our customers are met with precision sourcing, exhaustive efforts, and a persuasive touch. Whether it's a temporary placement or a complete project team, we're dedicated to the successful placement of our customer's selected talent. We build and maintain these relationships with the intention of creating assets for our customers. It's not just a guarantee, it's a promise.


At Braves Technologies, our customers enjoy the ease, scalability and cost savings of our dedicated offshore team services...it's truly a no-brainer! The customer client maintains full control of their dedicated offshore team; we provide infrastructure, recruitment, related employment services and all tools necessary to do the respective job – it couldn't be any easier to hire your own dedicated offshore team. Think of it as having your very own low-cost "remote" employee.


At Braves Technologies, we work determinedly to ensure that our customer's requirements are transformed into reality by our highly qualified software development team. The process of developing the right product is our path to design, development, and deployment by the stated needs of the particular project. We take the time to understand the environment & culture and overall direction of the project, our perspective allows us to start each initiative by hand selecting the right team members for the job.


At Braves Technologies, LLC, we're all about keeping it simple – that's why we focus on providing three services to our clients; and while they all go hand in hand, they're vastly different. It all started with U.S. IT Staffing…whether it's a niche role or bulk placements, we're ready for the challenge. While working internally on our processes, we realized that due to the nature of our business, it would be wise to expand utilizing our own offshore capabilities. It didn't take a Rocket Scientist to realize that our next service offering should come in the form of ODC/dedicated offshore team builds for our clients. And, between the two, Software Development services, both internally and externally, came very natural. It's these platforms and vast industry experience that gives us the upper hand when working with our esteemed clientele. These three areas of focus have become massively popular with our customers; resulting in stronger client relationships, extensive cost savings, happier employees and hundreds of success stories. We're quite proud of the people we serve (both customers and employees), the processes that we deploy and the products and services we provide.




The telecom industry is booming; with cutting edge technologies introduced daily, the only direction for this industry is UP! Braves Technologies' offering employment services are at the forefront of this new change in telecom!

Energy and Utilities

No industry knows change better than the Energy and Utilities industry. With an ever-aging grid and ongoing controversy surrounding the science behind climate change, we're working with our customer's daily to resolve the shortage of technical experts in this field.


The automotive industry is undergoing massive changes; from how automobiles are manufactured, to the logistics, distribution, and automation of the sales process. Braves Technologies is working closely with these industry leaders to effectively overcome these obstacles.


Recent developments in the healthcare industry are changing the very face of medicine as we know it; and in large part, this progress is due to technological innovations. Our healthcare customers rely on Braves Technologies to deliver the brightest talent to drive this initiative.


The competition is fierce in all sectors, but no more so than the financial industry. We at Braves Technologies understand the importance of keeping competition at bay by defeating these challenges with innovative solutions.


My first interaction with Braves (Technologies, LLC) was 3 years ago – I'd never heard of them before but decided to give them a try. They were able to understand the requirement(s), culture & environment; and became my go-to staffing partner. Not long after, we decided to use Braves (Technologies, LLC) to offshore some QA testing and software development efforts and haven't looked back since.





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