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We're Braves Technologies, LLC, an accomplished IT services provider with headquarters located in North Atlanta, Georgia, having an Offshore Development Center (ODC) located in Pune, India and several field operators around North America; allowing us to serve our employees and customers both domestically and abroad. Commencing our services in October 2003, we've been around for more than 15 years; and while our service offerings have evolved, one thing has not and that is the belief of putting our customers and employees interest before our own. This seemingly dated notion is the cornerstone of our services and is used as inspiration for company policy, new service offerings and the ways in which we work. This results in happier employees and customers, retention of employees, growth in business with customers and an overall healthier and financially stable organization. These principles are deeply ingrained in our company culture and shine through in our services…from commencement to delivery and beyond. We are thankful for your interest in learning more about Braves Technologies and welcome you to continue reviewing our website; or give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss what we do, where we thrive and how we can build a successful and lasting relationship with your company.



Everything starts with the people we work with; whether it’s our world-class customers or our intelligent consultants & staff, we keep a primary focus on the individuals we work with; as a result, we’re able to service the greatest companies.


Our organic approach to our processes and procedures starts with intention and discipline; this theme continues through all areas of our service offerings. We have honed our craft for over a decade to provide the perfect assortment of services to our customers.


Whether our customers are looking for a Web Developer to fulfill their project vacancy or require a complete team build out, Braves Technologies is perfectly capable and poised to satisfying these needs.

Makarand Bhave

Since our founding more than 15 years ago, I have held the belief that bringing fresh thinking to solve the complex challenges surrounding shortages in technology-related talent is a necessity. As engineers at heart, we seek to redefine what is possible. We seek to solve problems that have not been solved before. We have little interest in recreating what already exists unless what exists is antiquated and it's time for a paradigm shift in thinking, using new tools and technologies. Improving on existing solutions in the marketplace means understanding their shortcomings. It's not about technology for technology's sake but rather how it can be used differently to dramatically improve results for our clients. Moving forward our goal is simple. Find ways to leverage our technology platform to continue to add value to our customers by assisting them with our expertise in domestic Staff Augmentation, Offshore/ODC, and Software Development related services. Ultimately, that's what continues to motivate our team to work for our valued customers every day. We will continue to focus on providing solutions that enable customers to win by having the right fit at the right time for their internal and external resource needs. Our commitment to our employees and customers is simple. Continue to provide the best process to effectively address the actual needs of the people that we serve. I look forward to continuing to work with our customers by listening to their challenges; understanding their needs and opportunities and responding by exceeding expectations with the very capable team we have here at Braves Technologies. 

Adam Torrence

I genuinely believe that the people we place and the customers we serve are the foundation of our success. With shared values and an unwavering commitment to creating a culture of service, diversity, and community, I believe Braves Technologies provides an exceptional work environment to all those affiliated with us. As your valued partner, we take the time to listen (to) and understand your culture, and we drive talent solutions that are guaranteed to be unmatched in the marketplace. Whether it is domestic or global, it's not just about fulfilling project vacancies...it's about making great people work together. I believe strongly in treating our customers and our employees with sincere respect and integrity. These values are the foundation of our reputation and the cornerstone of an exceptionally positive work environment. As a culture, we've transitioned away from relationships in an effort to make a quick buck, and while Braves Technologies is a modern technology-centric company, we believe that there are still some traditions of the past that needs to be strongly considered as part of today's ever-changing business evolves; they are "honesty", "genuineness", "loyalty" and the ability to make and keep a commitment. When choosing a partner, it needs to be one that you can trust to serve the needs of your organization, through delivery and beyond. Today, we are recognized globally for our expertise in U.S. Technology Staffing, Offshore/ODC Team Builds and Software Development. We're thankful to our customers and our employees for their continued support and trust in us, and for making us one of the best companies to work with (and for) in the industry.  


Great service provider! Cannot go wrong working with this agency – I just moved to a new role with a new company; they were one of the first phone calls I made.





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