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Braves Technologies application repackaging services have helped companies reduce administrative costs while providing business benefits.

  • Help administrators deploy software configuration standards

  • Create reliable packages that can be successfully distributed throughout an organization

  • Minimize administrative errors during installation

  • Provide features that help streamline application deployment such as robust self-repair and rollback capabilities

  • Reduce maintenance overheads

  • Eliminate unnecessary application deployments

  • Ensure that end users receive the right versions of the applications

  • Reduce complexity of support services

Benefits of Offsite Packaging

  • Costs savings on Infrastructure

  • Purchasing, installation, maintenance & support of hardware software and peripherals greatly reduce project start-up costs.

  • There are fewer demands placed on the clients existing infrastructure. Networks, disk space, communications, set up of development & test accounts etc.

  • Fixed pricing options gives clients better control over packaging costs. Your packaging budget will not balloon as has often happened with the traditional outdated ‘bums-on-seats’ approach.

  • You don’t pay for downtime of any kind…ever.

  • Our packaging capacity is effectively a 24-hour operation with global coverage. This gives us the advantage of being able to meet tighter deadlines resulting in lower management, administration and supervisory costs.

  • Assembling a strong team of highly skilled, experienced professionals in the one place at the same time is extremely difficult and can be expensive. Keeping them together is even harder.

  • Our clients are also pleased to receive our on-going flexibility and superb post-development support. Periodic upgrades, patches, fixed can also be provided on a fixed-cost basis making this necessary cost more efficient.

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