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Braves Technologies offer a number of training courses to IT staff who need to validate and package applications for remote deployment. Our instructor has over 8 years industry experience of packaging applications for a variety of industries ranging from central and local government to healthcare and financial institutions.

Course 1: Application Validation Techniques
Duration: 1 day
Skill Level: Beginner
Required Competences: None
This course will show delegates how to fully evaluate applications before they are introduced into a live environment. Delegates will be taught how to perform an application impact assessment and will learn how to find and relax system permissions for applications that do not run correctly when started by standard locked-down users.

Course 2: VBScript for Application Packaging
Duration: 1 day
Skill Level: Beginner
Required Competences: None
An introduction to a number of VB Scripting techniques that are used to package and deploy applications.

Course 3: Application Packaging Basics
Duration: 1 day
Skill Level: Intermediate
Required Competences: Application Validation & VBScript
This course will introduce candidates to some basic techniques that can be used when packaging applications. Topics covered in this course include “Silencing Windows Installer”, “Mastering InstallShield Setups” and “Re-packaging using SMS Installer”.

Course 4: Validation and Packaging Workshop
Duration: 2 day
Skill Level: Advanced
Required Competences: Application Packaging Basics
This 2 day workshop builds upon the Application Packaging Basics course with instructor-led demonstrations on how to deal with the real-life challenges that candidates will come across day-to-day. Delegates will have a wide choice of software to validate and package throughout the 2 days and are invited to bring along their own troublesome applications.

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