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Protecting critical data across multiple locations while backup windows are shrinking, disk-based storage is growing, and budgets remain status quo is not an enviable task. The Backup and Recovery Design and Implementation Service provides a centralized disk-based solution for heterogeneous storage environments while giving users the power to choose what gets backed up— including the ability to determine frequency of backups as well as retention periods. The net result is faster, more reliable recovery scenarios.

Braves Technologies Global Services can help you accelerate the data protection benefits of your existing hardware and software infrastructure while reducing the impact on your production environment. Our Backup and Recovery Design and Implementation Service ensures an optimal design based on best in class technology; smooth and efficient deployment into complex, distributed environments; and minimal impact to your network and critical applications.

Businesses need a more effective way to backup mission-critical data and execute faster recoveries—with minimal downtime—while reducing infrastructure costs and decreasing administrative overhead. Challenges include:

  1. Distracting valuable IT staff resources who need to focus on daily operations

  2. Developing a plan that guarantees backups are executed within backup windows, avoiding any impact to production

  3. Correctly configuring backup/recovery software without taking the time and risk of learning on the job

  4. The ability to execute faster restores when the pressure is on and data cannot be accessed

To meet these challenges, specific Backup and Recovery Design and Implementation Services have been created that include the following:

  • Providing documented design and architecture details:

  • Collecting data and performing review of existing IT environment

  • Augmenting the design details as needed with best practices and recommendation for current implementation as well as future enhancements

  • Building and executing an implementation plan:

  • Performing data layout for complete storage architecture with volumes, LUNs, and zoning requirements across the storage fabric

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