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Whether through mergers or acquisitions, internal re-organization, deployment of new business applications, or just plain business growth, customers face information technology consolidation requirements and challenges. Braves Technologies provides the depth of expertise and talent to assist its customers with enterprise data storage consolidation & virtualization solutions to consolidate server and storage platforms while realizing business benefits of streamlined performance, centralized systems management, reduced total cost of ownership, and improved security and resource utilization.

Data storage consolidation and virtualization, along with our server consolidation and virtualization products & solutions, entails more than simply replacing a collection of smaller servers or storage devices with fewer, larger ones. Consolidation & virtualization enables organizations of all sizes to simplify yet optimize their systems infrastructure through a well-defined, step-by-step process. At Braves Technologies, our storage experts possess the knowledge and skill to take our customers from initial concept, to planning and design, to final implementation of a server consolidation initiative. We follow a proven methodology and offer server consolidation services including systems analysis and design, workload balancing, LAN consolidation, application consolidation, data migration, server implementation and centralized systems management.

While the unit cost of storage is decreasing, the amount of data that businesses need to keep on hand and the cost of managing that data are increasing rapidly. To answer the call for data on demand, but still keep storage affordable, companies are looking for ways to better utilize existing resources. Companies are looking to data storage consolidation & virtualization solutions to increase efficiency, save valuable resources, and provide data on demand.

In the past, many organizations tried to solve storage problems by adding additional servers to gain needed storage space. Server consolidation via storage networking brings together the storage portion of these islands into a centralized, easy-to-manage combined data pool.

Our storage experts are available to design and implement data storage consolidation and virtualization solutions. Initial steps include a corporate needs assessment as well as a systems analysis to determine the current storage requirements and location of storage rich applications. Once they have identified the storage environment, a plan is designed to better utilize existing storage and determine the most effective way to consolidate and centrally manage the data.

Increased efficiency, better use of manpower, increased cost-effectiveness and improved data on demand are the immediate potential benefits of data storage and server consolidation solutions.

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