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Finding the right person for the job is key to your success. The Braves Technologies Recruitment Team has your success at heart and we apply this attitude to finding, and recruiting the best of the best, for your IT staffing needs.

First and foremost, Braves Technologies works closely with you to understand and identify your specific job requirements. Secondly, The Braves Technologies Recruitment Team will seek out active IT professionals that qualify as the most skilled and best fit for your situation.

We can make your selection process much easier and more enjoyable. At Braves Technologies, we've developed an innovative approach to recruitment that allows us to dramatically increase the percentage of qualified candidates submitted for a particular job assignment.

Our comprehensive system of research and assessment allows us to sift through any number of candidates and eliminate—with a high degree of accuracy—those who are unqualified. And best of all, we offer this higher level of service at a competitive price.

Advantages of Permanent IT Staffing

  • Fill specific, key openings on your staff.

  • Tailored to your needs and requirements.

  • Acquire technical specialists.

  • Create flexibility.

  • Solve unique staffing problems.

  • Improve workforce quality.

  • Immediate productivity.

  • Confidential.

  • Control costs.

  • No risk contingency fee.

Guaranteed performance:
What if there is a hiring mistake? With the Braves Technologies’ "No Fail" guarantee, we'll replace that person at no cost to you. In any event you decide the candidate you have chosen does not fit your specific needs, you will not be billed for any hours incurred during the first two weeks (or 80 hours) of service and a replacement will be provided. Once the consultant has commenced services and remains on your project through the two-week period and beyond, you will be invoiced for all hours worked as per the statement of work.

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