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The Ever Evolving Market
Let’s face it, today’s IT Staff Augmentation market is ever-evolving, thus becoming overwhelmingly challenging to secure, retain, and leverage necessary technical talent in a highly volatile market. As a result, consumers of IT talent have become more sophisticated making the management of technical staffing increasingly complex.

This new dynamic has created unique challenges for Technology Managers, one of which is to find a viable solution to their technical staffing dilemma and retain talented professionals already tackling existing business problems and promptly redirecting their efforts elsewhere. Maintaining a firm control on these assets has become a full time duty for most Technology Managers. To alleviate this time-consuming headache, many forward thinking executives are beginning to look to their technical staffing partners to assist in managing this duty by entertaining innovative and flexible staffing solutions. The value comes from shifting overall accountability for tactical execution of project initiatives to professional services firms. Braves Technologies brings in both the technical and program management skills for even the most specialized projects, allowing the project management team to focus their efforts on more important issues…such as managing the project.

Braves Technologies Program Management
The new and evolving business model has reincarnated the purpose for IT Staffing Partners and has created new paradigms for thinking, thus creating opportunities for innovation.

In this White Paper, we will address the major functional capabilities of Braves Technologies and highlight key expectations that must be managed in order to ensure project success. Additionally, we will focus on benefits derived from interacting with our consulting professionals within the context of a structured engagement, further ensuring project objectives are met and results are delivered within expected time frames.

The overall objective of the Braves Technologies Program Management (BTPM) is to significantly improve its client’s project processes, standards, and reporting, to allow managers to gain control over an unstructured project environment. Critical to the delivery capability of any BTPM initiative is a structured project and program planning process. Each should incorporate the following key components in some form or fashion:

  • Assessment

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Implementation

Our specific business capabilities will further ensure that our client’s BTPM implementation will yield the desired results that make an impact on your ROI. The key benefits of a BTPM strategy are:

  • Implements controls over unstructured project environments

  • Creates the overall process for project work and information flow

  • Improves operations and attains the maximum return on all project investments

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Guaranteed performance:
What if there is a hiring mistake? With the Braves Technologies’ "No Fail" guarantee, we'll replace that person at no cost to you. In any event you decide the candidate you have chosen does not fit your specific needs, you will not be billed for any hours incurred during the first two weeks (or 80 hours) of service and a replacement will be provided. Once the consultant has commenced services and remains on your project through the two-week period and beyond, you will be invoiced for all hours worked as per the statement of work.

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