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“From start-up to enterprise level; our offshore services bridge the gap and turn your plans into a tangible product. For less!”




When choosing an offshore services partner, it's imperative that you take into consideration the infrastructure provided by the agency you choose. Our customers take comfort knowing that Braves Technologies' state of the art ODC is inundated with industry's top-rated electronic components (including but not limited to VOIP communication, video conferencing and CCTV Monitoring), cutting-edge technologies and limitless capabilities from seat capacity to project scalability.


The foundation of our offshore service is our ability to effectively and successfully source, vet, and recruit industry's top technical talent. We're constantly working to engage, network and establish relationships with various technology related experts to ensure swift turnaround to our customer's urgent project needs. Once selected by our customer, Braves Technologies manages all HR related tasks from compliance related duties to timesheet management; thus making the daunting new-hire process an ease.


Our services and interaction do not stop at on-boarding…at Braves Technologies, our offshore service includes hands-on oversight to ensure our customers achieve maximum results and success. Our customers coordinate the team and delegate the respective tasks while we provide visionary leadership and organize the team to effectively work towards the interest of the customer's initiative. From beginning to end, we're there to provide a full service resulting in a positive and effective solution for our customer's ever-growing needs.


We're Braves Technologies, LLC, an accomplished IT services provider with headquarters located in North Atlanta, Georgia, having an Offshore Development Center (ODC) located in Pune, India and several field operators around North America; allowing us to serve our employees and customers both domestically and abroad. Commencing our services in October 2003, we've been around for more than 15 years; and while our service offerings have evolved, one thing has not and that is the belief of putting our customers and employees interest before our own. This seemingly dated notion is the cornerstone of our services and is used as inspiration for company policy, new service offerings and the ways in which we work. This results in happier employees and customers, retention of employees, growth in business with customers and an overall healthier and financially stable organization. These principles are deeply ingrained in our company culture and shine through in our services…from commencement to delivery and beyond. We are thankful for your interest in learning more about Braves Technologies and welcome you to continue reviewing our website; or give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss what we do, where we thrive and how we can build a successful and lasting relationship with your company.



Expertise Recruitment

Every project experiences its own obstacles, but none more a "show stopper" than not being able to identify the right technical talent…even with the right candidate, on-boarding is becoming an obstacle for the newcomers. Work with an experienced partner with nearly two decades of service in this space…work with us!

Minimizing Risk

Minimizing risk equates to reducing burden and unnecessary costs; which starts by utilizing Braves Technologies' offshore services. From commencement to delivery, we work closely with our customers to eliminate any unnecessary risks and provide the right supervision to make your offshore project effortless and without worry.

Improved Bottom Line

In-house IT infrastructures can be quite expensive. A quick overlook reveals that the typical production costs will include rent or capital purchase on equipment, system maintenance and cost of manpower; all of which results in additional unnecessary costs. Reduce your costs by using our infrastructure which already exists.

Complete Control

In this model, our savvy Recruitment team-members source, vet, recruit and qualify potential candidates for customer review and interview; once selected and implemented, it's your team to orchestrate. This gives our customers full control of their dedicated team…making changes to your team is as easy as sending an email.


The competition is fierce in all sectors and Technology Product & Professional Services are not exempt, thus driving up costs across the board. We at Braves Technologies understand the importance of keeping both cost and competition at bay; which is why cost reduction is the guiding principle behind this service.


Great service provider! Cannot go wrong working with this agency – I just moved to a new role with a new company; they were one of the first phone calls I made.





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