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"We're in the People Bussiness!
By focusing on qualifications,intensions and desires of our employees; we're delivering assets instead of candidates."




Hiring Braves Technologies to provide temporary employment services is an ideal solution for our customer's seasonal peaks, project vacancies, unpredictable workloads and many other limited-term needs. Temporary positions normally have a specific time frame which is subject to change per the needs, business demands and timeline of our customer. During the complete assignment term, the respective temporary candidate will be employed entirely by Braves Technologies, thus giving our customer a flexible option that results in cost savings, efficiency, and increased production.


As a crossbreed of both contract and full-time placement, contract-to-hire is designed to allow our customer to "test-drive" the selected candidate before making a more permanent commitment. Furthermore, it allows the potential candidate to prove themselves to the company and respective Manager, and to allow both the customer and employee the opportunity to confirm that the employee and company are a good "fit". During the initial contract period, the candidate is employed by Braves Technologies until the desired conversion date.


Both Employers and prospective new-hires want the commitment from the other…our direct placement staffing service is the perfect vessel to achieve this with limited risk to our customers. Starting with a thorough understanding of our customer's job description, technical environment, culture, and benefits package, we are quite adept at identifying, vetting and securing the right candidate for the right position, creating assets for our customers from commencement. This gives our customers the confidence that they're working with the right staffing agency!


Our Staffing expertise comes with nearly two decades of service and a successful track record of placement and delivery. It boils down to constantly perfecting our craft and meticulously searching for the industry's top talent. Continuing with the "keep it simple" theme, we break down our Staffing method into 3 very important steps. Sourcing: Before we search for a single resume, we take the time to understand the requirement in its entirety…this often results in follow-up questions in order to calibrate our search efforts. Once the requirement is fully understood, we rely greatly on our offshore services team to source candidates that perfectly match the requirement given. Before our first call, more than a dozen eyes scrutinize the resume against the requirement – this is typically where we are different than most. Once the candidate has been identified, our domestic Recruitment team communicates the need of the customer, extensively scrutinizes the candidate and qualifies them for submission, after which our Director of Recruitment applies the seal of approval before sharing the profile with the customer.




Braves Technologies' extensive industry knowledge, widespread reach and vast experience pairs perfectly with our customer's dedicated in-house recruitment team. We've been in the IT Recruitment space for more than 15 years and know the trends, tools, technologies and HR & Immigration laws like the back of our hand.


Hiring Braves Technologies often results in our customers achieving lower costs associated with the hiring process from sourcing to onboarding. Because we work meticulously to identify the right candidate, our conversion rates are at record levels, thus reducing churn and associated costs to backfill and replace drop-offs.


Our customers benefit greatly from our extensive network of today's top technical talent, giving our customers exclusive access to our global network, thus providing access to candidates that we have already deemed dependable, reliable and capable to fulfill a vacancy in a matter of days, or even hours (in some instances).


Braves Technologies makes a promise to all of the employees, temporary and fulltime candidates that we serve – that promise is to commit ourselves to their success from the initial stages of our recruitment process to onboarding and beyond. Our constant contact ensures that they are satisfied with their new engagement.


Our process has been tweaked for more than 15 years; by utilizing our very own offshore office for sourcing candidates, our domestic recruitment team then efficiently and effectively recruits and qualifies each candidate before submission. Possessing an industry high conversion rate, you can take our submissions to the bank.


Braves (Technologies) succeeds at everything I throw at them. I've used them for my contracting roles and they really seem to understand what it is that I'm looking for. Great team and pleasure to work with!





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